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JioCloud is a cloud storage application which can be used to store and retrieve your photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages, etc. anytime and anywhere. You can perform following functions in JioCloud: 

  1. Upload: Auto or manually upload photos, videos, audio files, documents (such as pdf, doc, excel, etc.), contacts and messages from your device. 
  2. Share: Share files with your contacts using a share link without sharing the physical file. Your contact can download the file from the shared URL. 
  3. Download: Once you have uploaded your files, you can download them on any device by logging into your JioCloud account from any mobile device or JioCloud web client. 
  4. Retrieve contacts and messages: If you change your device, you can restore your uploaded contacts and messages on the new device. 
  5. Stream: Play video and audio files without the need to download the actual file, thus saving on device memory. 
  6. Organize content: 
    • Auto-Grouping: You can see files automatically grouped under separate folders according to the file type. All uploaded images are shown under the 'Photos' folder, audio under ‘Audio’ folder & video files under ‘Videos’ folder, and scanned documents appear in the ‘My Scans’ folder.  
    • Folders: You can create a custom folder under ‘My Files’ tab to organize files as per your needs. 
    • Albums: You can create an Album to club similar content at one place. You can also invite other members to this Album and ask them to add their content too. For example, if you go on a trip with your friends, you can create an Album and invite others to join it. Once they join the Album, they can start adding photos, videos, audios and documents. This makes it really easy to collate and share your content with everyone in the Album. 
    • Favourite & Offline Files: You can mark a file favourite to access it quickly using ‘My Favourites’ folder. You can also mark files as offline & access them inside ‘Offline Files’ folder. Offline files are physically downloaded & stored on the device so that they can be accessed even if there is no internet connection available. 
    • Sorting & Multi-Select: You can sort files alphabetically, or on the basis of date they were taken/uploaded. You can also select multiple files and perform desired operation such as delete, move, copy etc. in one go. 
    • Scan documents: You can scan your physical documents using scanner feature of JioCloud. All your scanned files will be shown in 'My Scans' folder.