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There are different roles for members in JioCloud file share: 

  1. Viewer role: If you have viewer rights then you cannot delete the file shared with you.
  2. Editor role: If you have an editor role then you have all the rights to modify the share including adding & deleting files or users.  
    • If a user with editor rights deletes files of other users, then the files will be removed for everyone from the share. The deleted files will go to 'All Files' section of the owner. Similarly, if a folder is deleted then the folder will be removed for everyone from the share and it will also go into the 'All Files' section of the owner. 
    • If the editor deletes files or folders uploaded by him then also the files will be deleted for everyone and it will go to owners “All files” section as the share is owned by the owner.  
    • If the files need to be shared again, the owner either needs to manually add them in the Shared folder or create a new share or other editors will have to upload the files again in the shared folder.